The Oxford handbook of the economics of food consumption and policy
edited by Jayson L. Lusk, Jutta Roosen, and Jason F. Shogren

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ISBN: 978-0-19-968132-7
Původce: Lusk, Jayson, Editor; Roosen, Jutta Editor; Shogren, Jason F., Editor
Nakladatelské údaje: Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2011
Fyzický popis: xix, 901 stran : ilustrace ; 26 cm
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List of Figures	x
List of Tables	xiii
List of Contributors	xvi
Introduction	!
Jayson L. Lusk, Juto Roosen, and Jason F. Shogren
1.	Constrained Utility Maximization and Demand
System Estimation	7
Nicholas E. Piggott and Thomas L. Marsh
2.	Household Production Theory and Models	35
Wallace E. Huffman
3.	Risk Preferences and Food Consumption	75
John A. (Sean) Fox
4.	Behavioral Economics and the Food Consumer	99
David R. Just
5.	Discrete Choice Theory and Modeling	119
W. L. (Vic) Adamowicz and Joffre D. Swait
6.	Hedonic Price Analysis in Food Markets	152
Marco Costanigro and Jill J. McCluskey
7.	Non-Market Valuation: Stated Preference Methods	181
Fredrik Carlsson
8.	Non-Market Valuation: Experimental Methods	215
Frode Alfnes and Kyrre Rickertsen
9.	Consumer Demand in Vertically Differentiated Markets	243
Konstantinos Giannakas
10.	Models of Horizontal Product Differentiation in Food Markets 260 Pierre R. Mérel and Richard J. Sexton
11.	Consumer Demand and Welfare in Equilibrium
Displacement Models	292
Michael K. Wohlgenant
12.	Food Security Policy in Developed Countries	321
Parke Wilde
13.	Food Security Policy in Developing Countries	344
Awudu Abdulai and Christian Kuhlgatz
14.	Economic Development, Government Policies, and
Food Consumption	370
William A. Masters
15.	Food Standards and International Trade	393
Ian Sheldon
16.	The Political Economy of Food Standards	416
Johan F. M. Swinnen and Thus Vandemoortele
17.	Health Investments under Risk and	Ambiguity	438
Olof Johansson-Stenman
18.	Private versus Third Party versus Government Labeling	472
Julie A. Caswell and Sven M. Anders
19.	Bans and Labels with Controversial Food Technologies	499
Stephan Marette and Jutta Roosen
20.	Nutritional Labeling	520
Andreas C. Drichoutis, Rodolfo M. Nayga, Jr., and Panagiotis Lazaridis
21.	Food Safety Policy	546
Sandra A. Hoffmann
22.	Policy Evaluation and Benefit-Cost	Analysis	574
Sean B. Cash
23.	Globalization and Trends in World Food Consumption	591
Iacinto F. Fabiosa
24.	Increasing and More Volatile Food Prices and the Consumer	612
Joachim von Braun
25.	Changing Nutritional Content of Food	629
Helen H. Jensen
26.	Food Away From Home	647
Hayden Stewart
27.	Consumer Demand for Food Variety	667
Christoph R. Weiss
28.	Effects of Generic Advertising on Food Demand	695
Harry M. Kaiser
29. Food Consumption and Health	716
Fabrice Etilé
30.	Demographics and Food Consumption: Empirical Evidence	747
Luis Miguel Albisu, Azucena Gracia, and Ana Isabel Saniuan
31.	Habit Formation in Food Consumption	770
Sven-Olov Daunfeldt, Jonas Nordstrom, and Linda Thunström
32.	Demand for Meat Quality Attributes	791
Ted C. Schroeder and Glynn T. Tonsor
33. Geographically Differentiated Products	811
Roland Herrmann and Ramona Teuber
34.	Environmental Concerns in Food Consumption	843
Mario F. Teisl
35.	Ethical Considerations and Food Demand	869
Maria L. Loureiro
Název pole Obsah pole
Údaje o názvu The Oxford handbook of the economics of food consumption and policy / edited by Jayson L. Lusk, Jutta Roosen, and Jason F. Shogren
Variantní název Handbook of the economics of food consumption and policy
Variantní název Economics of food consumption and policy
Původce Lusk, Jayson, 1974- Editor
Původce Roosen, Jutta Editor
Původce Shogren, Jason F., 1958- Editor
ISBN 978-0-19-968132-7 (brožováno)
Nakladatelské údaje, údaje o vytvoření díla, autorská práva Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2011
Edice Oxford handbooks
Klíčová slova potravinová politika
Klíčová slova spotřeba potravin
Klíčová slova zásobování potravinami
Klíčová slova potravinová bezpečnost
Klíčová slova food policy
Klíčová slova food consumption
Klíčová slova food supply
Klíčová slova food security
Fyzický popis xix, 901 stran : ilustrace ; 26 cm
Všeobecná poznámka Brožované vydání vyšlo v roce 2013
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