Don't make me think, revisited
a common sense approach to Web usability
Steve Krug

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15 ## $2 bnb
20 ## $a 978-0321-96551-6 $q (brožováno)
40 ## $d BOD006 $b cze $e rda $a UKMGB
72 #7 $a 658 $x Řízení a správa podniku $2 Konspekt $9 4
100 1# $a Krug, Steve $7 mzk2003169559 $e Autor $4 aut
245 10 $a Don't make me think, revisited : $b a common sense approach to Web usability / $c Steve Krug
246 3# $a Do not make me think, revisited
246 14 $a Don't make me think, revisited : $b a common sense approach to web and mobile usability
250 ## $a Third edition.
264 #1 $a [Berkeley, Calif.] : $b New Riders, $c ©2014
300 ## $a xi, 200 stran : $b ilustrace ; $c 23 cm.
336 ## $a text $b txt $2 rdacontent
337 ## $a bez média $b n $2 rdamedia
338 ## $a svazek $b nc $2 rdacarrier
500 ## $a Previous ed.: 2006.
500 ## $a "Third ed." -- p.iii
500 ## $a Cover title: "Don't make me think, revisited: a common sense approach to web and mobile usability"
500 ## $a Obálkový název: Don't make me think, revisited :
504 ## $a Includes bibliographical references and index.
505 0# $a Guiding principles. Don't make me think! ; How we really use the web ; Billboard design 101 ; Animal, vegetable, or mineral? ; Omit words -- Things you need to get right. Street signs and breadcrumbs ; The big bang theory of web design -- Making sure you got them right. "The farmer and the cowman should be friends" ; Usability testing on 10 cents a day -- Larger concerns and outside influences. Mobile: it's not just a city in Alabama anymore ; Usability as common courtesy ; Accessibility and you ; Guide for the perplexed.
520 ## $a Hundreds of thousands of Web designers and developers have relied on usability guru Steve Krug's guide to understand the principles of intuitive navigation and information design. Witty, commonsensical, and eminently practical, it's one of the best loved and most recommended books on the subject. It's a core foundational book that every Web designer must internalize to make their designs truly effective. In this substantially revised edition, Steve returns with fresh perspective to reconsider the principles he originally laid out--commenting, amending, amplifying, and offering fresh new examples to underscore their importance. This edition adds an important new chapter on mobile as well as integrating coverage of mobile throughout.
650 #0 $a Web sites $x Design.
650 #0 $a Web site development.
650 #0 $a Web sites $x Evaluation.
653 ## $a web stránky
910 ## $a BOD006 $b IC-8D/27/1
1000 $a 08 Informační technologie, výpočetní technika ; $b 8D Sítě, databáze
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